About us

Ride East was created to share the experience of riding mountain bikes. The restorative effect of being in the natural environment, the mastering of new skills and the satisfaction of self-reliance all make mountain biking an experience whose benefits transcend the sport itself.

Accessing these kinds of experiences however, can be difficult. Choosing a mountain bike from the myriad of styles on the market can be daunting. Add to this the task of finding a trail suitable to your abilities and comfort level. Many who would otherwise be enlivened by the experience are thwarted before even getting started.

At Ride East, our goal is to help you discover the incredible benefits of mountain biking by providing safe, fun and challenging experiences. Further to providing instruction and guiding, we provide education around bike maintenance and trail stewardship as well as advocate for trail access and development.

Experience something new. Join us for a ride!

Chuck Sutton

Born in the wilds of southern New Brunswick, Chuck Sutton is no stranger to the outdoors. His adventure resume spans both activity and geography. Chuck has climbed in the Himalayas, completed a solo kayak trip to Hamilton Inlet, Labrador and travelled the Alaska Highway solo by bicycle. He has climbed big walls in Yosemite Valley, backcountry skied in Japan, and of course, has visited many mountain bike meccas including Moab and Whistler. He has even worked as an assistant to a National Geographic photographer.

To add to his adventures, Chuck has worked as a rock climbing guide, ski patroller, outdoor educator and now, mountain bike guide.

Chuck holds Bachelor degrees in both Science and Education from the University of New Brunswick. He holds a Masters degree in Education from Acadia University and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate from NSCAD University.

Current times have added new adventures to Chuck’s life. Raising three small boys with his wife, Gillian comes with new challenges and new rewards. Like any new experience however, it never ceases to keep life fresh and vibrant.